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Goodbye ordering chaos. Hello increased efficiency and money savings.

Restaurants be done with multiple screens, tabs, wrong or missing orders, and stressed-out staff.

Manage every order online and in-person, in one place, with ease.

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BNA Digital Dining Benefits

Utilize BNA Digital Dining’s data and analytics platform to make data driven decisions based on merchant usage, customer habits and new market trends. BNA Digital Dining collects a variety of data points and can build new analytics products to your needs.

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Set up within minutes

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Up to 30% increase in revenues

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Reduce wait times by 60%

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Staff can service 2x the customers

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Increase margins and cash-flow

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Customer marketing platform

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Management access via any device

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Rich data and Analytics

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Socially-distant and covid secure

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Ensure order accuracy

POS integrations

Integrations With 40+ Restaurant POS Systems

BNA Digital Dining offers quality integrations across a continuously growing range of commonly-used restaurant POS platforms, making our app easy to use. From food delivery app aggregation to your point-of-sale system and stock management tools, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some samplings of over 40 integrations BNA Digital Dining offers. 

One Platform, Multiple Solutions

Efficiently manage your orders, deliveries, and collections all on one platform with BNA Digital Dining.


Table Ordering




Pay By QR code


Room Service



How It Works?

Ordering should be easy - for the customer and for you. Follow this simple 3-step process to streamline your ordering process.



Set up your digital menu

Customize your menu with modifiers and preferences so that customers can order what they want, exactly how they want it. Edit item descriptions and photos, add allergen and dietary information and customize items with modifiers, preferences, and extras. Upsell items through extras and offer promotions with timed menus and offer, bulk discounts.



Scan, order & pay

Offer customers a frictionless ordering experience in a browser. No app download is required!

Customers can access mobile ordering services by simply scanning a QR code or typing in a URL using any web device.

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Manage customer orders with ease

The BNA Digital Dining platform is able to host your merchant operations, marketing, CRM and loyalty systems, which heavily increases customer retention. Receive, process and manage customer orders through your BNA Digital Dining system. Track and fulfill customer orders as they come in, or cancel orders and issue refunds.


Start taking online orders today

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Terms and Conditions Apply
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