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Efficiently manage your orders, deliveries, and collections all on one platform with BNA Digital Dining.


Table Ordering




Pay By QR code


Room Service



Adaptable Mobile Ordering

Enhance your establishment’s adaptability and provide your customers more control in their experience 

How It Works?

Ordering should be easy – for the customer and for you. Follow this simple 3-step process to streamline your ordering process.


Set up your digital menu

Customize your menu with modifiers and preferences so that customers can order what they want, exactly how they want it. Edit item descriptions and photos, add allergen and dietary information and customize items with modifiers, preferences, and extras. Upsell items through extras and offer promotions with timed menus and offer, bulk discounts.


Scan, order & pay

Offer customers a frictionless ordering experience in a browser. No app download is required!

Customers can access mobile ordering services by simply scanning a QR code or typing in a URL using any web device.

bna order management (3)

Manage customer orders with ease

The BNA Digital Dining platform is able to host your merchant operations, marketing, CRM and loyalty systems, which heavily increases customer retention. Receive, process and manage customer orders through your BNA Digital Dining system. Track and fulfill customer orders as they come in, or cancel orders and issue refunds.

The Stats Don't Lie

With BNA Digital Dining ...


increase in table turnover. Serve more customers, even with skeleton staff.


increase in revenue through easy and non-intrusive upselling.


staff can service 2x the customers

Hospitality is changing

The pandemic has created difficulty in filling wait staff positions and BNA Digital Dining is a great way to minimize the impact of having to operate with staff shortages. BNA Digital Dining requires less staff to service more customers, by eliminating the need to provide menus, take orders, deliver bills and accept payment. Staff are free to focus on delivering orders and providing an excellent customer experience. Customers get a faster response time and venues have a faster table turnover while maintaining social distancing and aiding in the safety of staff and customers.



of staff would be happier if their venue had tech which led them to focus on customer experience.


of hospitality staff feel that tech can help them in their role.


of customers surveyed said that speed of service was important to them.

Source: McKinsey

Fast, easy payments

Customers can make a payment using any credit or debit card, as well as Google or Apple Pay. Provide customers with digital receipts for extra hygiene and convenience.


Clean, simple user experience

Drive repeat business by offering your customers a best-in-class ordering experience.

Customers can access table ordering, pick-up or delivery services from your branded profile. You can easily toggle each of these services on or off through your merchant dashboard.

BNA Digital Dining Benefits

Utilize BNA Digital Dining’s data and analytics platform to make data driven decisions based on merchant usage, customer habits and new market trends. BNA Digital Dining collects a variety of data points and can build new analytics products to your needs.

set up within minutes icon

Set up within minutes

increase in revenue icon

Up to 30% increase in revenues

wait times icon

Reduce wait times by 60%

2x customers icon

Staff can service 2x the customers

increase in margins icon

Increase margins and cash-flow

marketing icon

Customer marketing platform

any device icon

Management access via any device

rich data and analytics icon

Rich data and Analytics

socially distant icon

Socially-distant and covid secure

accurate icon

Ensure order accuracy

POS integrations

Integrations With 40+ Restaurant POS Systems

BNA Digital Dining offers quality integrations across a continuously growing range of commonly-used restaurant POS platforms, making our app easy to use. From food delivery app aggregation to your point-of-sale system and stock management tools, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some samplings of over 40 integrations BNA Digital Dining offers. 


A UK Success, Launching In Canada

Yoello Partnership

Yoello is an award-winning payments platform for merchants in the UK. Founded in 2016, and going live in July of 2020, its innovative pre-pay and web-based order and payment solution, is trusted by many businesses, both big and small and has been proven to be an extremely valuable platform. Yoello offers features that increase customer spend, with an easily customizable dashboard, convenient payment methods plus data and loyalty tools that benefit both merchants and customers.

BNA has partnered with Yoello Order & Pay to launch this solution in Canada. BNA Digital Dining, powered by Yoello, will give Canadian businesses the opportunity to improve operational efficiency up to 40% by eliminating queues and streamlining the traditional order and payment process, and elevate customer experiences, allowing them to order and consume what they want without leaving their seat or downloading any apps.



"The best thing about Yoello is it's fluid, fast and you don't need to get to grips with the tech because it just works. It's way more efficient not having customers in front of you ... we receive 100 orders in 10 minutes, which is no problem for us now."


Andrew Chongsathien Owner, Brother Thai

Start taking online orders today

Take advantage of BNA Digital Dining today, and start offering delivery, pick-up, and at-table ordering through our simple mobile ordering platform.