talech iPad POS

Streamline your operations and simplify your day, all while accepting payments.


All your needs, covered

The talech point-of-sale system for iPad and Poynt was designed specifically for the retail, restaurant, and hospitality environments. This feature-rich and affordable POS is all you need.


More than just payments

Accepting payments in a frictionless and seamless way is important, absolutely. No doubt about it. But so is workforce management. And inventory management. And order management. And data analytics. With talech, you can manage it all from one place with over 100 features.


Anytime, anywhere business analytics

Get the transaction and sales reports you need to identify patterns and trends and make better business decisions.

Features for retail

  • Inventory management
  • Barcode label printing
  • Inventory alerts
  • Purchase orders
  • Multi-location management
  • Store credit & exchanges
  • Automatic discounts
  • Gift cards & loyalty
  • Customer tracking & insights
  • Real-time reports

Features for restaurants

  • Full menu customization
  • Table layout
  • Pay by position
  • Automatic discounts
  • Open tabs & tip adjust
  • Gift cards & loyalty
  • Online ordering
  • Clock-in & time sheets
  • Labor cost reporting
  • Employee access controls


Customer analytics at your fingertips

Customer analytics help you keep track of customer data. Better understand their behaviours, such as how often they visit, when they last visited, how they prefer to pay, what they purchase, and more.


Make order management a breeze

The order management process has never been easier. Scan items, create variations, and add them to orders through your register. Plus, you can customize sales prices, quantities, and product info, too.


Inventory management, simplified

Manage your inventory in real time as you take orders. Track over inventory 25 metrics, including revenue, markup, and profit margin.


Built-in cash drawer provides full transaction visibility

With a built-in and secure cash drawer, you can keep track of employee access, payouts, drops, and pay-ins. Finally, full visibility.


Integrated discounts and loyalty program

Quickly and seamlessly apply discounts, activate and manage gift cards, and get a breakdown of all promotions.



The retail and hospitality industries aren’t static. Your POS shouldn’t be, either. That’s why you can easily make your talech POS mobile, thanks to its Wi-Fi capabilities.

Power your business with the intuitive and multifaceted talech POS.