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Give your customers more choice

Avoid losing out on sales. Give your customers the freedom and flexibility to choose the payment methods that suit them best. They’ll love you for it.


of Canadians have started using alternative payment methods. (Canadian Prepaid Providers Organization)


is the forecasted global use of mobile payments in 2022, surpassing credit cards and cash (Worldpay)


of consumers have used mobile wallet payments within the past 3 months. (Worldpay)

30 million

Interac e-transfers are sent each month in Canada. (Interac)

230 million

people use Alipay on a daily basis, while WeChat tops 200 million daily users. (TechCrunch)

Payments online2x

Accept alternative payments online

Add more payment options online to increase sales and profit. You’ll benefit by recovering declined credit transactions, eliminating chargebacks, and boosting conversion rates.


Offer more ways to pay at the terminal

Thanks to smart terminals, you can now offer alternative payment options in store, too.

Pay transaction2x

Only pay per transaction

It won’t cost you anything to offer your customers more ways to pay. Just pay for approved transactions.

Alternative payments are the way of the future.

Instant customer financing

Customers get instantly approved for up to $15,000 in financing, directly at the terminal and while online shopping. They get to buy now and pay later in monthly installments. You get paid right away with no credit or fraud risk.


Apple Pay

Apple users can pay for goods and services quickly and easily with their phones thanks to near-field communication (NFC) technology.

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Google Pay

Easy. Secure. Private. Google Pay users simply have to unlock their phones and place them near your contactless terminal to pay.


Samsung Pay

Securely accept mobile payments from Samsung users directly at the terminal.


WeChat Pay

Accept WeChat Pay, a popular Chinese digital wallet service that allows users to perform mobile payments.



The most used online payment service in the world, Alipay is a China-based smartphone wallet app many international customers prefer to use when paying online and in store.


Interac e-Transfer

Offer your customers the most popular money transfer service in Canada. We've automated this payment method for retail, making it easy for you to accept e-Transfers online and in store.

Interac Online2x

Interac Online

Make shopping online a credit card-free (and stress-free) experience with Interac Online, a service that leverages customers’ online banking credentials for direct approvals.



Allow customers to use their chequing accounts to make purchases online by entering the information found at the bottom of a cheque. Includes low fees and a recurring billing option. No daily limits.

directDebit Plus2x

directDebit Plus

Customers can make purchases online using only their banking credentials. Enable one-click checkout and unlimited purchase amounts with directDebit Plus.

Offer your customers more ways to pay with alternative payments.