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"The best thing about BNA Digital Dining is it's fluid, fast and you don't need to get to grips with the tech because it just works. It's way more efficient not having customers in front of you ... we receive 100 orders in 10 minutes, which is no problem for us now."


Andrew Chongsathien Owner, Brother Thai

We spoke to Brother Thai founder Andrew Chongsathien about how BNA Digital Dining helped him to grow his team and serve a record number of customers with ease.

  •  Processed 100 orders in 10 minutes
  •  28% higher revenue per customer
  • Speed of service significantly increased
  • More staff on the books since using Yoello


Brother Thai are known for their award winning Thai street food which includes their famous sticky beef roti. They trade in various locations across their hometown in Cardiff, as well as in key pop-up sites such as Harbourside Market, Bristol and Peddler, Sheffield.

Andrew turned to BNA Digital Dining as a way to start serving customers more efficiently without the need to take face-to-face orders.



The pandemic meant Andrew was no longer able to trade at his usual pop-up destinations across the UK or at their regular local spots. When the Depot reopened in Cardiff after the national lockdown, Brother Thai was invited to start trading there. With a reduced team, BNA Digital Dining was vital to serve a high volume of customers with ease.

Through BNA Digital Dining they found themselves trading far higher volumes than they are able to using traditional service methods. On one occasion they reported 100 orders coming through BNA Digital Dining in the space of 10 minutes. They were not only able to keep up with this pace thanks to the convenience of the platform, but these record sales meant they could look at bringing more staff back on the books once again.


Brother Thai are now back to running various pop-ups across the South West and haven’t looked back since using BNA Digital Dining. Praising the improved ease and efficiency for staff who can now concentrate on fulfilling orders and therefore boosting revenues. 

Thanks to BNA Digital Dining they have been able to grow the team once again and have been able to process record numbers of orders during peak times with a 28% higher spend per head thanks to the ease of up-selling extra menu items.

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