Why we love the Clover Flex

All in one@2x

All-in-one system

Replace your printer, register, and terminal. This single compact device is all you need


User-friendly interface

Start accepting payments with minimal training

Longer battery@2x

Sell on mobile, longer

Long-lasting battery to get you through the day


Advanced connectivity

LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity to ensure redundancy


Quick and simple deposits

Funds are automatically transferred to your bank account


Cloud-accessible data

Manage your data from connected devices

Smart terminals@2x

The future of smart payment terminals

Built-in camera. Barcode scanner. 5-inch HD touchscreen display. The Clover Flex has all the next-generation payment tech you never knew existed, making it the future of smart payment terminals.


Versatility in action

It’s lightweight, portable, and fits in the palm of your hand. With Wi-Fi and LTE capabilities and up to 8 hours of consistent use, you can accept payments from anywhere. Whether you’re at the counter or on the go, you can take payments quickly and easily.


More ways to pay

Clover accepts magstripe, chip cards, and NFC payments like Google Pay and Apple Pay. Simply insert or tap your customer’s payment card or smart device.


Detailed reports and analytics

Track sales, receipts, and payment trends in real time, settle payments and refunds, and view all the reports you could ever need to make more informed business decisions. Data is available on your terminal, phone, and computer for greater convenience.


Employee management made easy

The Clover Flex’s built-in CRM tool enables you to control employee permissions and even track and manage employee shifts right from the terminal. Plus, employees can start accepting payments with minimal training.


Comprehensive inventory support

The Clover Flex helps you manage your inventory with labels, modifiers, categories, and more.


Boost customer loyalty

Easily stay connected to your customers by storing their emails, receipts, and purchase history directly in the terminal. You can even send statements directly to customers by email or text. Keeping customers happy and loyal has never been easier.


Customize your Clover Flex with apps

Simplify and improve your business with Clover Flex’s wide range of paid and free business apps, including Yelp, MailChimp, and QuickBooks.

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