Why we love Move/5000



PCI-PTS 5.x certified, using the latest cryptographic schemes with future-proof key length

Group 8@2x


A variety of wireless options ensure optimized communication costs


Built-in data capture capabilities

Optional camera, barcode scanner, and GPS tracking

User friendly@2x

User-friendly interface

With a large 3.5-inch colour touchscreen and powerful multimedia capabilities, the Move/5000 provides a best-in-class user experience.


Touchscreen + keypad

Can’t decide between touchscreen and keypad features? Now you don’t have to. The Move/5000 comes with both, so you get the best of both worlds (along with increased speed and enhanced security, of course).

payments anywhere@2x

Accept payments anywhere

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4G connectivity = you can sell anywhere with guaranteed payment availability. Customers can swipe, insert, or tap their payment cards or smart devices to make payments.

Accept all payments types

Accept the payment methods your customers prefer and increase customer loyalty by giving them more ways to pay.

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EMV chip & PIN

Chip & sign


Signature capture



Track your sales analytics

Want to dive into your sales data? Settle payments or refunds? Or review batches? You can do it all from your phone or computer. With data analytics, you’ll have the information you need to make informed business decisions right at your fingertips.

Plug Play@2x

Get the battery life you’ve always wanted

500 transactions. 120 hours of battery life on standby mode. The Move/5000 can go all day long, without the need to recharge.

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