Why We Love Poynt


Built-in EMV

No extensions needed


Connect with 3G, Wi-Fi, or both

Pick the model that works best for your needs


Extended battery life

Up to 8 hours of wireless freedom

Built in@2x

Built-in receipt printer

Print, email, or text receipts


Pay-at-table ready

Accept EMV-compliant payments directly at the table

Two Screens@2x

Two screens

Constructed with both you and your customers in mind


Anytime, anywhere reporting and analytics

Stop losing receipts! Review sales and transaction trends, billing, receipts, and more using your phone, terminal, or computer.

Settle with your phone@2x

Settle with your phone

Settle anywhere, anytime with remote settlement.

Plug Play@2x

Plug and play

Poynt comes with built-in compatibility for dozens of peripherals, including wireless and USB printers, cash drawers, cash registers, and barcode scanners.

Your Own@2x

Make it your own

Fully customize this terminal with your company’s brand and style to differentiate your business and stand apart.

Accept all payments

Accept the forms of payment your customers prefer, and keep them smiling.

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EMV2x NFC2x Magstripe2x Gift Card2x EBT2x Pin On Glass2x POS Finances2x

Manage your entire business with Poynt


Poynt OS

An operating system that’s always up to date.

Poynt Smart@2x

Poynt smart terminal

A mobile smart terminal that does more than accept payments.


Poynt HQ

Manage your business from the Poynt HQ headquarters.


Poynt Apps Marketplace

A marketplace for useful third-party business apps.

Overview brochure

Learn more about Poynt’s features and technical details.

Spec Sheet

Get info on Poynt’s specs.