Why We Love Dejavoo QD3 PIN Pad

Built in@2x


Attractive form factor - small footprint


Lightning fast

Reliable, fast and problem-free payments



Supports Ethernet or WiFi for SPIN/Integration

Two Screens@2x


The ideal solution for kiosks/stand-alone merchandizing


Anytime, anywhere reporting and analytics

Review sales and transaction trends, billing, receipts, and more using your phone, terminal, or computer.

Make it your own2x

Make it your own

Fully customize this terminal with your company’s brand and style to differentiate your business and stand apart from those other guys.

Accept all payments types

Credit and debit are no longer enough. Accept the forms of payment your customers prefer, and keep them coming back time and time again:

Google Pay Logo2x apple-pay-logo2x samsung-pay-logo-A49CCE45DF-seeklogo.com2x

EMV2x NFC2x Magstripe2x Gift Card2x EBT2x Pin On Glass2x

Manage your entire business with Dejavoo


Dejavoo OS

An operating system that’s always up to date.

Poynt Smart@2x

Dejavoo Android Terminal

Enjoy the seamless and secure mobility of an Android terminal.



Cloud POS solutions

Overview brochure

Get a high-level overview of what makes Dejavoo QD3 PIN Pad so cool.