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Contactless Giving for Charities

Scan2Give is a customized QR code donation solution for non-profits and charities. Use Scan2Give to offer your donors a quick and user-friendly way to make donations, everywhere and anywhere. 

With a quick scan of a QR code, donors can use their devices to donate using Apple or Google Pay, decreasing donation drop-off rates and lowering payment costs. 

By offering a quick and easy mobile option, non-profits reduce the hurdles involved in the donor’s journey; simplifying the donation process for an increasingly digital and cashless world. 

No longer will donors have to fill out long forms or carry cash; simply scan, donate and generate the tax receipt.

What We Love about Scan2Give Charity QR Code

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Secure, Contactless Charity Donations

Just scan the QR code to donate either one-time or set up a monthly recurring donation, no cash required, no app to download

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Standalone Contactless Fundraising Solution

Eliminate dependencies on retailers’ point-of-sale systems and Wi-Fi capabilities


No Hardware or Devices Required

No battery required, no malfunctions, no maintenance, no theft, no breakage

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Low-Cost Charity Payment Solution

Pay a percentage per donation. No setup fees, credit card processing fees, hardware costs, or monthly fees


Direct Deposit

Deposits directly to your charity bank account within 24-48 hours

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Location Intelligence

Allocate unique QR codes to locations to see which areas generate more donations

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Collect Contactless Donations the Easy Way

Being dependent on a retailer’s point-of-sale system and internet networks can make collecting donations a hassle. It also means longer wait times for donation fund settlements to reach your account.

Whether it be device malfunction, dead batteries, or hardware rental and maintenance costs, Scan2Give’s customized fundraising QR code reduces your organization's exposure to equipment-centric risks ensuring that your non-profit will never miss out on an opportunity to do some good!

Collecting donations has never been so simple.


Current Features

  • The option for having monthly recurring donations or one-time donation feature
  • The option for the donor to pay for the processing fees, so the charity receives 100% of the donation
  • The option for BNA to create a tax receipt on behalf of the charity and email it to the donor
  • French or English language option
  • The charity will have their own login credentials to view and download their data

Features Coming Soon ...

  • The option to sell charity Lottery tickets or 50/50 tickets
  • The option to send the tickets out on behalf of the charity
  • The charity will have the ability to process Refunds and Voids through the BNA portal

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Use the Charity QR Code…

On banners, posters, business cards, contactless donation boxes, T-shirts, printed materials, screens, and anywhere else. The options are limitless.

Request Your QR Code for Contactless Fundraising

Start fundraising anywhere and everywhere with Scan2Give, a contactless payment for charities.