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4 Different Types of Point of Sale Solutions

You can have the most effective marketing and sales strategies in your industry, but your business will still suffer if you lack effective point of sale solutions. These devices allow your customers to pay for goods and services with their credit and debit cards. The terminals securely send payment requests to a processor that relays them to the customer’s bank. If the payer’s account has enough money to cover the sale, the bank approves the transaction and sends this confirmation back to the terminal. As a result, businesses need point of sale solutions to accept their clients’ payments.

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If you’re looking for a machine that will process your shoppers’ transactions, there are a range of options that could suit your needs. These devices usually adhere to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), ensuring your company will be safe from data leaks, fraud and other harmful intrusions. Whether you need a terminal that you can man yourself or an option that works remotely, each of these machines sends and receives requests efficiently so you can better serve your buyers.

Countertop Terminals

When you think about a point of sale machine, a countertop terminal probably springs to mind. You see this equipment everywhere, from your trusty mechanic’s garage to your local shoe store. Often, these devices hook up to your electronic cash register, making installment relatively easy and daily use a breeze. They also work quickly, so you can process as many payments as possible to keep your business running smoothly.

These terminals accommodate all manner of credit and debit cards, regardless of their provider or their technology. Contactless cards allow users to pay with a simple tap, so they’ve valuable for getting customers in and out of checkout lines. On the other hand, chip and pin transactions are slower but offer greater security, so many shoppers still use it. Finally, some customers still swipe their cards to pay for goods and services. Countertop terminals handle each of these methods, ensuring that you’ll make your sales, no matter how your patron wishes to make their purchase.

Handheld Terminals

When you have a fixed cash register where buyers can bring their potential purchases, a countertop terminal is an almost unbeatable point of sale machine. But what about when you need a more portable option? After all, if you work in a crowded restaurant and your visitors’ comfort is paramount to your business, you don’t want to inconvenience them by making them walk across a crowded dining room to pay. An immoveable debit and credit machine can also slow these operations down, so if you have seated customers who want to leave quickly, this option will only irk them more.

A handheld terminal can solve this problem for you. It uses wireless technology to complete the transaction process, allowing you to take it to your shoppers. As a result, you’ll be able to preserve the sense of serenity they get when they buy from you.

Mobile Apps

As smartphones and tablets get more advanced, more businesses have started using these mobile devices to process credit card transactions. This is a convenient option, but you still need to be wary of which app you use. Some providers don’t adhere to the PCI DSS, which means that they may not properly protect your clients’ data. To ensure you don’t end up on a credit card industry blacklist, you need to partner with an organization that meets these standards.

Unattended Solutions

Some businesses need to be able to process transactions without having a representative present to input the necessary information. An unattended terminal can satisfy these requirements. They’re solidly built, so they can withstand outdoor conditions, and often install easily. As a result, you can continue to serve clients even when you’re miles away.



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