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7 Very best reasons to switch to the Poynt smart terminal

We LOVE Poynt. There, we said it. As the first smart terminal in the worldPoynt really upped the ante, set a new standard for credit card machines, and changed the way companies accept payments – forever.  

It’s this type of innovation that we just love to see in the payment processing industry. 

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Now, let’s get down to what you really care about: the reasons why you should switch and how this smart terminal will help your business. 

1. The smartest smart payment terminal in all the land

Smartphones are better than flip phones. No argument there! Smart terminals, too, are better than old-school credit card machines. 


Apps, of course.  

What would we do all day if we didn’t have apps on our phones? Poynt’s third-party apps aren’t just about playing games or scrolling, though. Rather, they're all designed to help you manage your business more effectively. 

Apps include: 

  • Accounting integrations like QuickBooks 
  • Payment apps like accepta 
  • Time clocks, schedulers, and employee management 
  • Marketing tools 
  • Terminal customization 
  • Drink recipes and age verification tools like Barpro 
  • Loyalty and gift cards 
  • Customer feedback tools 

The sky's the limit, really. 

2. Soooo many payment methods 

The oldest credit card machines only allow you to accept magnetic swipe payments and MAYBE chip and PIN. Some of the latest models enable you to accept tap payments, too. The Poynt smart terminal enables you to accept these payment methods and so many more.  

You’ll never need to turn down a customer, and you’ll always be able to keep up with the latest payment methods, including: 

  • Cash, debit, and credit (of course) 
  • EMV chip and tap 
  • NFC/contactless (Apple Pay, G Pay, etc.) 
  • Instant customer financing at the point of sale 
  • WeChat Pay and Alipay 
  • Signatures 
  • Loyalty cards 
  • Gift cards 
  • QR codes 

3. Fastest settlement and reconciliation ever 

The backend of payment processing has always been a pain. Reconciliation and settlement are time-consuming tasks, made even more frustrating by missing receipts.  

Poynt eliminates this challenge by making transaction and settlement reports available and automatically storing all receipts, so you can bring up missing receipts directly on the terminal or even on your phone or desktop.  

4. It’s a POS system, too 

The Poynt smart terminal comes with built-in basic register functionality, so it not only acts as your payment terminal but as your POS system too. This can save you a lot of money since you won't have to buy a separate POS system.  

Plus, third-party apps like talech, eHoppereThorand Lightning Register are available to improve POS functionality. This is ideal for small retail and restaurant businesses especially.  

5. It’s super secure 

You might not realize this, but you could be on the hook for the cost of a credit card breach if your credit card machine isn’t PCI compliant. You’ll also have virtually no chance to refute a chargeback if your terminal doesn’t comply with PCI and EMV requirements.  

When you’re dealing with customers’ credit card information, it’s up to you to keep their data safe. It’s also your responsibility to keep your business safe from credit card fraud. 

Poynt can help. This smart terminal meets the highest PCI and EMV standards, so you can make sure data is secure.  If you're still using the same terminal since the 00s, it's time to switch. 

6. Connectivity 

The Poynt smart terminal has both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. What does this mean? It isn’t stuck at the counter.

Instead, it’s mobile and can move around the store. You can take payments in the aisle, at the table, or even outside your store during a curbside pickup. Since the machine also has inventory capabilities, you can even bring it to the storeroom to do inventory 

There’s something to be said for the freedom of mobile. 

7. Better brand image 

Your current payment terminals might not reflect your brandThose excruciatingly slow, old, and ugly terminals just aren’t doing anything for your fresh, young, vibrant brand. 

Poynt, on the other hand, is sleek and visually stunning. People comment on how cool this terminal looks all the time!  

Isn’t it about time you switched?  


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