3 Ways To Increase Your eCommerce Websites Conversion Rate

N3-ways-to-increase-your-eCommerce-websites-conversion-rateo matter what industry your business is in, or what product or service you are selling, there are always new and innovative ways to help boost your conversion rate and start generating new revenue for your eCommerce business. And the great news is, these changes can be done relatively easily, and can sometimes have an instant effect on your eCommerce business.

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As with any business, new or established, keeping up to date on new technologies or new products is a great way to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that you stay relevant in the market that you cater to. This is no different for online businesses, in fact in the online space it is even more important to stay up to date and constantly evolve as technology and the online world can sometimes change over night.

This post will outline 3 ways in which your online business can start to increase conversion by following these helpful tips.

1. Pinpoint what is not working

Having an online business has some great benefits for determining what works, what doesn’t and why. One of these benefits is analytics. Analytics promotes knowledge about your business and about your visitors. Regardless of the success that your website is having, understanding where your sales are coming from, what visitors are doing when they get to your site, and tracking conversion rates is the only way to accurately pinpoint how you could be doing better, and where you need to focus more time and dollars.

Analytics can see exactly where your purchasers are coming from, which lets you make smart decisions about where to invest your marketing and advertising dollars, as well as give you an opportunity to set up tracking tools and monitor different products that may be on different sites. Use the data that is being generated from your analytics and focus on where you should focus on. In many cases, this may seem overwhelming. How to interpret data and, essentially, what does all this data mean.

There are tons of tools out there to help decipher this data, and depending on your budget, hiring a third party to help you may be easiest.

2. Make the changes – Don’t wait

Now that you have isolated a few problem areas on your website, it is time to make the required changes to start increasing your conversion rate, and evolving your website based on the data that is collected. One of the common mistakes that online businesses make is poor navigation.

Having poor navigation will drastically reduce your conversion rate based on the simple notion that visitors find it hard to locate certain products, or gather information and decide that they will move onto a different website. Having too many inner pages that are only accessible through drop downs from the menu bar makes moving around the website difficult.

The best thing to do is to have categories clearly outlined and within each inner page, have a side bar with related topics or related products. This will make gathering information much easier and thus more likely that a visitor to your eCommerce website will convert to a sale. Navigation, too many options and hard to locate search functions are only a few of the many mistakes that online businesses can make on their website. With the added help of data collection and analytics, isolating the issues and making the changes quickly will help drive your conversion rate up.

3 . Always measure results

Now that the issues have been isolated and the changes to your online business website have been done, always make sure to measure your results to ensure that they have had a positive outcome for your overall progress with your online business. By measuring the results of the changes, you will be able to see exactly what was affected, and will give you the information that you need to continue in that direction or to make a few changes once again.

You may see results right away, for example with new customers, or a spike in organic traffic but it does not always remain that way. Pay attention to your data and measure each month compared to the last month. The only way to continue to succeed is to remain educated and aware of how your business is performing online.


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