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Why Should Your Business Have a Mobile Payment Terminal?

mobile payment terminalIf you need more flexibility and mobility with your payment terminal, rather than the more common desk-top solution which is bolted to the point of sale area, don’t despair! There are many instances in which merchants might want to take a payment terminal to the customer instead of requiring the customer to go to the point of sale. And that’s exactly what mobile payment terminals are for; creating a simple and painless customer experience.

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 Benefits of a Mobile Terminal

Having a mobile payment terminal instead of a desktop terminal can free up precious space in your place of business, whether you own a restaurant, storefront, or even just an office space. Think about it: if you don’t have your payment terminal firmly fixed to a designated area, you might be able to use that space for something that may drive more business. A Mobile payment terminal allows you the freedom to process payments no matter where you are, putting an end to bolted down desktop terminal. No more designated payment area.

Also, Consider what areas of your business you want your customers to see. Certain types of businesses might only have the space to put a fixed payment terminal in a dark back corner, which might not exactly be a desirable place to conduct a transaction with customers. The customer experience is one of the most important parts for your business. In an auto repair shop, for instance, it might be convenient to carry the terminal out to the customer. At a bar or restaurant, customers might not find it appealing to follow a server to the payment machine at the entrance. Not to mention, proprietors might not want to expose a customer to a dirty corner behind the bar or add to traffic next to the bar – which, unfortunately may be the only places where they have space for a fixed payment terminal.

Creating a Great Customer Experience

Not all businesses have a clear, designated space for a customer to check-out or a public place of business or storefront that would be more conducive to a desktop terminal. Contractors, event services, auto dealers and many more types of businesses could benefit from the freedom offered by a mobile payment terminal.

Of course, it goes without saying that any type of delivery service (pizza, flowers, etc.) can also greatly benefit from having mobile terminals in order for payment to be conveniently collected upon delivery. This solution is not for every type of business, but in the world of ever increasing technology, is it important to be as fast, secure and reliable as possible. Mobile payment terminals are exactly that, plus much more.

Is it time for you to look into getting a mobile payment terminal?


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