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What your customers REALLY think about your payment terminals

You want your brand to be fresh, young, and cool. You’ve updated your logo and your colours, and you’ve redefined your brand’s “personality” to match your customers’ latest expectations. 

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Your products are modern. 

You’ve invested in omnichannel retail. 

There’s one big, glaring gap you might not have thought of that could be hurting this fresh brand image you’re trying to create. You’ll never guess what it is... 

Your payment terminals. 

It’s true that many business owners simply don’t give their credit card machines more than a passing thought. This might have to do with the fact that they’re not the ones processing transactions with the payment terminals. It might be because they don’t think customers care about them. 

We’re here to tell you that your customers DO care. And this is what many of them are probably thinking: 

They look old 

You wouldn’t be hearing this 10 years ago. That’s because for decades, credit card machines more or less all looked the same. New designs weren’t very different from older versions.  

Things have changed. 

Poynt changed the game when it built the world’s first smart terminal. Today, there’s a huge difference in the look of new vs old credit card terminals. New payment terminals are lighter, sleeker, and better looking. They’re more similar to a smartphone than the credit card machines of the past. They offer a touchscreen display and a way bigger screen. They’re full colour, too. 

And once customers become more and more accustomed to these latest designs, they’ll start to think of outdated models as “old” and “clunky.”  

Do those outdated terminals really reflect your brandProbably not. 

They’re slow 

Customers don’t actually like the process of paying for goods or services. In fact, they might even go so far as to hate your checkout process. 

They like the whole shopping experience, but the payment experience is typically just a means to an end – not an enjoyable process.  

It doesn’t help when your credit card machines are just so darn slow. Outdated payment terminals are often slow (and might even time out). This means your customers have to wait around making awkward eye contact and awkward small talk at the checkout counter while they wait for the transaction to be approved.  

Not ideal. 

They have limited functionality 

If your credit card machine doesn’t allow a digitally savvy customer to pay with a contactless payment method or receive an emailed receipt, you can bet they’re probably frustrated with its limited functionality.  

If your terminal doesn’t allow them to quickly get instant consumer financing right then and there as a payment method, they’re probably frustrated with its limited functionality. 

If the terminal doesn’t allow them to tap and go, they’re definitely frustrated with its limited functionality.  

Accepting credit and debit is great, but it’s not enough anymore. More and more customers expect to pay with alternative payment methods. The same goes for instant financing. But not all terminals have this functionality. 

Are they safe? 

Your customers want to feel safe knowing their sensitive credit card information is secure.  

The last thing you want is for customers to distrust you because of your outdated payment terminals. 

An old-school credit card machine might have them wondering if their data is safe. This is especially true if the payment terminal isn’t EMV compliant.  

They don’t need to worry about the security of their data when you invest in the latest smart terminals, though, because they’re PCI and EMV compliant right out of the box and safely encrypt credit card information, too. 

You want your customers to think nothing but positive thoughts about your company. By upgrading your payment terminals, you can ensure they reflect positively on your brand.  


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Matt Moore

As the President and Co-Founder of BNA Smart Payment Systems, Matt is responsible for the company’s strategic direction, daily operations, and growth. Entrepreneurial by nature, he brings a wealth of sales and marketing experience earned from over 36 years in business. He has developed, implemented, and directed international sales and marketing strategies, established strategic alliances with international companies, and demonstrated leadership in the electronic payments market. Prior to BNA, Matthew served at the senior levels of major EFT/POS companies, helping them increase sales and optimize customer service. Matt is also a father of three, a fitness enthusiast who does power lifting and CrossFit, and he enjoys weekends at the cottage.

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