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3 Must Have Payment Processing Solutions for Hotels

payment processing hotelWhen guests come to stay at your hotel, the expectations for premier service and experience go through the roof. It is not only because each guest that is indulging in a hotel experience feels a bit more superior than usual, but it is because that is the notion that is tied directly to hotels, premier service and premier hotel experience. It is very rare, if ever, that a guest would decide to stay in a hotel and expect poor service and poor facilities. It is important to be able to provide your guests with a seamlessly fantastic stay with the least amount of stress as possible.

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These 3 must have solutions for your hotel will not only increase your payment processing efficiencies, ensure PCI-compliance and EMV certification, but also increase the hotel experience for your guests. These payment processing solutions will ensure that you are keeping your guests happy, and maintaining guest loyalty in hopes of their fast return.

1. Wireless Payment Terminals

A wireless payment terminal is one of the most important payment processing solutions that your hotel can have for the spa and restaurant. With a wireless terminal, guests will be able to experience a wonderful spa session or meal without having to worry about having to part their family or friends to pay for the service. A wireless terminal will be brought over to your table or seating area in order to process payment.

This is a great way to promote the level of service that is required by a hotel to treat their guests to a top quality experience. Not only is this payment processing solution convenient, it is also secure. Accepting a credit card from a guest, and having to swipe the card at a desktop terminal does not adhere to the PCI compliant and EMV standards that are required in the payment processing industry.

By bringing over the wireless terminal to your guests, they will be able to insert their card, enter their pin and receive their receipt knowing that nothing has been compromised with their card, no data or credit card information has been kept and altered, and your hotel is protected against costly annual chargebacks. A highly beneficial payment processing solution for every hotel.

2. E-Commerce Solution

In today's rapidly advancing technological structure, online shopping, online booking and registration and online payment is what is coming to be the expected payment processing solution for all industries, especially hospitality. No longer should guests have to come into your hotel, pay for their room, spa service or other amenities in person. All those features should be readily available on your website for their convenience.

The biggest benefit to an E-Commerce payment processing solution is that it is fully customizable and can integrate into your everyday operations. A guest can easily log onto your hotel's website, choose a room that they desire, choose a package for a service that they desire, and securely and efficiently pay directly online through your E-Commerce payment processing solution.

This not only will increase efficiency on your end, as all transactions will be tracked online through a clear and effective reporting system, but the guests feels comfortable and hassle free, as they simply check into the hotel with their confirmation number and personal information. It's a great way to reduce line-ups at your front desk, and allowing you more time to focus on catering to the needs of those staying at your hotel.

3. Desktop Solution

Although the E-Commerce solution is ideal for guests that want to purchase their room or other services online, their will still be guests that want to come into the hotel and pay at the front desk. For these guests, it is important to have a integrated payment processing solution that provides end-to-end transaction encryption, utilizes cardholder data and processes foreign cards.

This type of integrated payment processing solution is EMV and PCI compliant which eliminates manual reconciliation and greatly decreases annual audit fees making it cost affection and much more efficient for your everyday operations. It is very important to have an integrated solutions designed for hotels that provide this type of EMV certified and PCI complaint payment processing.

Take these payment processing solutions to your benefit. Guests will be ecstatic at the type of experience you are providing them, your staff will be equally excited with the ability to streamline your operations, and your accounting department will thank you for reducing your annual audit costs, as well as chargebacks that directly affect your hotel's bottom line. The choice is yours, make the right one.


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