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3 Reasons a Golf Course Needs a Wireless Payment Terminal

wireless payment terminal golf courseThe golf course isn't just a facility to spend a few hours away from home, honing your game and socializing with friends. It is also an excellent business location for deals to be made, agreements to be met and mergers to come to fruition. The golf course often proves a vital backdrop to essential business meetings, as it helps all parties involved relax, have fun and also pursue a bit of business while walking between holes. However, a major issue with golf courses is the complete lack of paying options. Usually, when out on the course it is a cash only experience, and for many individuals this makes it difficult to pay for certain services, or it requires them to go visit an ATM before even hitting the links. With the wireless payment terminal on hand it is possible to avoid this kind of an issue, all while enjoying a day on the course.

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Beverage Carts

One of the great aspects towards any solid golf course is the beverage cart. Buying an enjoyable refreshment becomes less enjoyable though when searching for cash in the bag. With so many individuals moving towards credit and charge cards instead of having cash on hand it doesn't really make sense to not offer a credit card service through the wireless payment terminal. On top of this, individuals are more likely to increase their spending when using a credit card instead of cash, as they have the ability to buy more products.

This means potential sales can go up and the individual working the beverage carts should enjoy this as well as it should lead to added tips. Regardless of how much the players spend though, having a wireless terminal on hand allows for easier transactions and, best of all, the wireless payment terminals are completely secure, so nobody has to worry about a loss of security and information when using the equipment.

Pay at Table

When visiting the clubhouse and enjoying a drink or some food at one of the tables, the waitress or waiter usually has to take the credit card to the back in order to swipe it. Although this is general practice that occurs in most restaurants across the country, it is not to actually show and watch the card swiped.

This way the individual paying for the food and drinks is able to directly see their card processed and it also speeds up the time, so the wait staff doesn't have to leave the table, but instead everything is done right then and there.

Sometimes an individual has to be on their way quickly due to work or another event taking place, and the wireless payment terminal allows them to do exactly this. This also ensures that your golf course is EMV certified, and PCI-Compliant. When you simply swipe a credit card, you are at risk of costly chargebacks, and fraud.

No More Fees

When visiting a golf course it usually requires guests to stop by an ATM, either before arriving at the course or using the ATM at the course. Regardless, this requires an additional payment and fee from the ATM and the users bank, which starts to add up and is more of an annoyance than anything else.

Most individuals are inclined to simply show up to the course with their debit and credit cards instead, so they don't have to deal with using an ATM potentially multiple times in order to have enough money to pay for the beverage cart and food afterward. The wireless payment terminal is going to allow visitors to enjoy the golf course that much more than without the service, and for an owner it promotes additional spending, which is ultimately good for the bottom line of the business and sales of the course. 


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