3 Ways Your Online Payment Solution Will Generate Increased Revenue

online payment solutionMoving your business towards an online payment solution is one of the smartest business decisions that you can make. Accepting credit and debit cards has become the norm when accepting payments or making purchases for today's society. With an online payment solution, not only are you allowing your business to take the next step into getting to know your customer base, but also expanding your target market from a small area surrounding your brick and mortar location, to a virtually unlimited market.

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There is always a bit of speculation when it comes to moving to an online solution, or looking into having an online presence for your business, but the value that you can create online is unbelievable. As online shopping continues to increase, the need for your business to be available to customers is growing every day. Without being able to find your business, products or services online, the likelihood of expanding your customer base is decreasing constantly. There is never a better time to get into an online payment solution than the present. With these 3 steps, you will be able to expand your business, generate more revenue, and connect with your customers like never before.

Expand Your Customer Base

As we briefly discussed above, the online community continues to grow, and our society is becoming more and more focused on buying services, making payments or buying products online rather than heading to the local mall or shopping center. This is because not only can your customers make payments or purchases from the comfort of their home, but also they can take a look at what your business can offer them, read reviews, and make an educated decision to do business with you.

With an online payment solution, your business now has the ability to connect with customers from all over the world. Get to know what certain markets are looking for, break into markets that you never could before, and settle all in Canadian dollars, regardless of what type of credit card the customer pays with, or where they reside. 

Marketing and Promotions

With an online payment solution, your website is now even more of a valuable tool for engaging with you customers. By providing relevant, informative but still fresh and interest content, your customers will be more comfortable making a purchase with your business, than another website who simply has pictures of their products and a price. Make sure that your website relates to your target market, and get to know them through marketing and promotional contests, sales, surveys etc.

Try to capture what your target market is trying to get out of your business, aside from the obvious service or product. Now that you have attracted and engaged your customer base, and new customers, your conversion rate will begin to increase as more and more customers are willing to make purchases from you through your online store.

24/7 365

The biggest benefit of having an online payment solution for your business is that your customers can make purchases or payments at any time of the day, any day of the year. There are no store hours with an online payment solution, and that is one of the greatest revenue generators that you can have. Not only have you increased your ability to engage with new customers, but you have also increased the chances of your customers making a purchase, and without having to increase your overhead by hiring a new employee.

Use your web presence and your online payment solution to its full potential by targeting new markets, engaging with your customers through relevant and information content, market your products and services through your social media outlets, and provide an easy to use, secure online payment solution.


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Matt Moore

As the President and Co-Founder of BNA Smart Payment Systems, Matt is responsible for the company’s strategic direction, daily operations, and growth. Entrepreneurial by nature, he brings a wealth of sales and marketing experience earned from over 36 years in business. He has developed, implemented, and directed international sales and marketing strategies, established strategic alliances with international companies, and demonstrated leadership in the electronic payments market. Prior to BNA, Matthew served at the senior levels of major EFT/POS companies, helping them increase sales and optimize customer service. Matt is also a father of three, a fitness enthusiast who does power lifting and CrossFit, and he enjoys weekends at the cottage.

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