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How Car Dealerships Can Simplify Card Processing Fees

You shouldn’t see any surprises when you open your monthly processing statement. Yet many business owners are greeted with exorbitant, confusing bills each month. Between hidden fees and excessive rates, companies can end up paying much higher card processing fees than they may have expected. This makes it difficult to maintain budgets and other financial plans.

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Car dealerships shoulder this burden more than many other companies. Since they sell big ticket items, they tend to rack up larger bills. If they have to pay hidden card processing fees on top of these expensive monthly costs, it can put a major dent in their finances.

So what’s the solution? Do car dealerships simply have to face the situation and pay the fees? Or should they abandon credit and debit card processing altogether? The answer lies somewhere between these two extremes. Specifically, dealers need to seek out all-inclusive pricing plans to fulfill their payment processing needs.

These agreements give dealer owners the simplicity and peace of mind they desire when they open their monthly statements. No more guessing at the final balance, no more wincing when they finally read the bill. All-inclusive plans take the guesswork out of payment processing, and that makes them valuable to dealerships and any other business that accrues unnecessary costs each month.

Simply Pay a Standard Monthly Sales Volume Fee

When car dealerships pay their monthly processing bills, they often find a range of extra rates tacked on. These can pop up unexpectedly, even if you’ve scoured your processing agreements to root out all unwanted terms and conditions. This added inconvenience can be infuriating for a small business owner who likes to run a tight ship. Fortunately, all-inclusive plans will ensure you’ll never have to feel this rage ever again.

Here’s how they work: You pay 2.1 percent for your accumulated credit card sales volume each month. That’s it. If the customer pays with Visa or MasterCard, you’ll never have to pay more than this rate on your bill. You won’t have to compromise on quality to get this deal, either. Every time you redeem your batches, the payment processor will ensure that your money reaches your bank by the next day. Why continue to worry about your card processing fees when you could eliminate all uncertainty with an all-inclusive pricing plan?

Includes Many Operational Costs

Anyone who’s ever had to pay for the paper their statement is printed on knows that rates aren’t the only processing problems dealerships face. Surcharges and operational costs can clog up your statements. They may not amount to much on an individual level, but they can eat up a significant portion of your monthly budget when taken together.

Thankfully, all-inclusive plans incorporate these charges into their rate, so you won’t have to pay additional fees with these agreements. If you’re fed up with administration fees, payment terminal costs and other accumulative headaches, a better alternative is available.

Clarify Your Monthly Statements

You shouldn’t have to settle for a less than ideal processing agreement. All-inclusive deals don’t just cut out unnecessary fees and ancillary charges. They also make your bills easier to read and understand, so you won’t have to struggle with frustratingly vague statements. In addition to these benefits, you can receive protection from costly impacts to your monthly statement. All-inclusive deals offer $1,000 annual chargeback protection at no extra cost. This is in addition to all of the cost savings and inherent benefits to all-inclusive arrangements.


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