5 Ways to Engage With New Customers Through Your eCommerce Website

5-Ways-to-Engage-With-New-Customers-Through-Your-eCommerce-WebsiteThere are tons of posts that talk about the importance of growing your online brand through backlinks, and SEO campaigns that are targeted to industry specific keywords. And don’t get me wrong these posts are great, however they do not always cater to the eCommerce stores, or those eCommerce businesses that want to understand how they can help build backlinks through specific practices without the use of an SEO firm or third party firms. These 5 killer tips to engage new customers to your eCommerce store will show you exactly what you need to do, and why it is important in growing your online business. 

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1 - Guest posting

Guest posting has to be one the best methods to engaging new customers, and building great content for your eCommerce store. Working with different businesses that are within your industry, or perhaps outside of your industry that use your product or service can provide excellent and unique content.

When potential customers visit your eCommerce store and have available to them specific blog posts that discuss they are looking for or researching, there is an instant relationship that is built. Credibility from outside resources through guest posting shows potential customers and new visitors why your business differentiates from your competition. Also, a great key to guest posting is providing 2 or 3 links to outside websites that will grow your brand and Google’s eyes, build your authority for your product or service.

2 - Product reviews

Product reviews are similar to guest posting in the sense that it is a great way to get your business some credibility as long as it is from a reputable blogger with some online following. A product review on your eCommerce website can generate some great traffic, especially if the review is posted on multiple websites or platforms.

However, be careful. There is a difference between having a fake review done, and working with a respected business or persona within your industry to review your product as a courtesy or because they truly believe that your product or service is great. It is very easy to differentiate between a fake review and a review that is done for a product that is trusted and respected – Customers will be able to tell the difference, and if done poorly and in bad taste, will have a negative effect on your eCommerce store.

If possible, use your review on the home page of your website as a CTA to engage new visitors to read what others are saying about your product or service.

3 - Infographics

Infographics are a fantastic way to promote your product and engage with your social media followers and visitors. Infographics present a few interesting facts about your industry, product or service in an appealing way which makes it more effective than mere words and text. It is a union of design and vital information and creative designs.

It is a short and sweet fact sheet that can provide new and current customers interesting information and showing valuable ideas quickly and making it very easy to understand. Not everyone wants to read a page and a half of facts and data regardless of how important it may be. Infographics can provide this type of information, but in a much more user engaging way. Colour schemes, graphs, images and catchy titles will instantly grab the attention of those visiting your eCommerce site.

4 - Have a unique shopping experience

There should nothing boring about the way that visitors that come to your eCommerce website shop, just like there should be nothing boring about your product or service. Providing a unique shopping experience for your customers will encourage them to continue to shop with your business time and time again.

Additionally, the more interesting your website and eCommerce store is for your customers, the more they will spend compared to the typical shopping experience from other eCommerce stores. If you can provide unique ways to not only attract your customers, but engage them once they are on your website, the higher chance you have of converting them, and also getting referrals from those same customers.

All of that results in increased revenue and positive feedback from your customer base.

5 - Contests & giveaways

I never recommend giving away anything for free, especially if your business is selling expensive items, however, it is not a bad idea to put together a contest of a giveaway every so often.

With a contest, you can use your blog page, and social media platforms to explain the details of the contest and what the prize is to your followers and subscribers. Whether the contest requires you to like and re-tweet one of your products, or to take a funny picture using one of your products, visitors will engage within the contest out of pure interest.

Getting anything for free is worth signing up for a contest, or subscribing to a blog, especially when it is from a business that you may already have purchased from.

Take these 5 tips and start engaging your customers through your eCommerce store and watch how your conversion rate increases as well as your revenue.


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