3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an eCommerce Solution

ecommerce solutionHaving a business in today's technologically advancing landscape requires the need for an eCommerce solution without a doubt. Having a website that provides great information to your customers, videos, and a way for them to get a hold of you, either through your contact page, or live chat is great, but it is not enough. I understand that some businesses don't sell a product, or something that you can buy in a store front, maybe your business provides a service and requires you to be present in order to accept payment, however, if you have a store front, you should have an eCommerce solution. 

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An eCommerce solution provides your business the ability to have another store front, without the overhead. An interactive website, with a fresh design, and a simple check out process will give your customers the ease and convenience of being able to purchase or product or service for the comfort of their home, rather than head to the mall or down town. The benefits of an eCommerce solution are many, but I have chosen the most important 3.

Revenue Generator

An eCommerce solution is a revenue generator. It provides an additional revenue stream from your typically brick and mortar store. No more do you have to rely on busy weekends to make the big sales; your eCommerce solution will process business at any time. The focus is on the clients. If you know your customer base, you can relate to them. Understand their needs and market to those needs.

Have promotions, discounts, and contests and drive those sales through your eCommerce solution. It is a great way to continue to build your customer base, and continue to carter to their needs. This will ensure that they continue to come back to you.


Not only does an eCommerce solution provide that extra revenue stream, but it also provides a great ability for your business to use social media to promote your brand, new releases, new products etc. Take advantage of the growing technology, and the fact that people are just more comfortable buying and shopping online.

You can easily direct new customers to your store through a Facebook page, Twitter page, Instagram etc. Provides links to deals or contests that will excite your customer base and give them something to talk about. Work of mouth has now become the status update. When someone likes something, they can post about it, which drives even more new customers to your website, driving more revenue through your eCommerce solution.


The convenience you are providing to your customers through an eCommerce solution will set you apart from your competition. Online shopping has exploded over the last few years, and the bottom line is that you can sell more through your website by targeting over seas markets, providing convenience for your current customers and giving the option for anyone at anyone to buy your product or service from their smart phone, tablet, or computer. Access to your store is 24 hours 7 days a week.

An eCommerce solution is a must have for any business that wants to target new markets, drive revenue with new sales, and provide convenience to the ever growing online shopping market. Take the time in choosing the right solution for your business, and the right payment processing provider. Building your business, or continuing to grow your business at this time, requires that you make the transition to online. With an eCommerce solution, you can drive new sales and market your brand through social media forums and speak directly to your customer base. 


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Matt Moore

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