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5 Payment Processing Tips To Ensure Sales At Your Golf Course

describe the imageCanada is filled with beautiful and challenging golf courses that suit avid golfers and travelers of all types.  Visitors can indulge in a business outing or families can enjoy a relaxing afternoon outside in the wonderful seasonal weather.  Tourists as well as local citizens enjoy Canada’s golf courses in the spring and summer months.

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As an owner or manager of a golf course, it is important to have the right payment processing solutions in place in order to ensure that your course is well managed and you are able to provide superior service to enhance your customers experience. The main goal is to provide your guests with a day that they will not forget, and cannot wait to return again at another date. Not only does providing the right payment solution create easy and efficient processes when accepting payments on the course, at the club house restaurant, at the bar and in the pro shop, but this also includes catering to different types of clients who may use foreign cards.

The Tee-On system is a very popular golf course management software product.  With easy integration to some of the best payment processors in Canada, Tee-on will provide enhanced capabilities as well as streamlined operations of your business.

Consider the benefits of a premier payment processing solution combined with a golf course management solution.


Customers can pay in their preferred currency 

Being able to accept multi currency at a golf course is a tremendous benefit. Not only will customers that are traveling feel comfortable being able to pay in their home currency, but it will greatly reduce the amount of chargebacks your golf course receives because what the customer sees on their receipt, is what that customers sees on their credit card statement. There is no confusion is pricing, ensuring full clarity of payment processing. Also, with accepting multi currency the transaction takes place in the customer’s preferred currency while your records reflect your own currency and are settled in CDN or USD.  This is an enhanced value and convenience for you and your customers.

Mobile payment terminals

You no longer have to be chained behind a desk or counter to conduct business.  At the first tee you can complete a transaction and let your customers enjoy their golf game immediately. This is also an added benefit for the beverage cart service as the servers are able to provide convenient payment processing to your guests increasing your average sale by almost double.

Online payments 

When reserving a tee time or renting equipment online, customers can enjoy a quick and easy transaction without any concerns about security or accuracy. Having an eCommerce payment processing solution that can provide the added luxury of paying products and tee-times online is a value add that can set you apart from the herd.


Whether customers are paying at the pro shop, restaurant, bar, or on the course, they can enjoy a fast and convenient process that nurtures their experience and builds loyalty.  For the golf course owner or manager you can realize seamless integration that will give you full visibility into all transactions and help you to better manage your business without being trapped behind a computer terminal. Integrated payment processing solution will also cut down on reconciliation and reporting, freeing up countless hours for your staff that they can now spend servicing your clientele.


Having a pay-at-table option for your restaurant is a very important part of the dining experience and customer experience you are providing to your customers. After a long day on the golf course, or even prior to beginning the day, easy and simplicity is a driving factor in providing pay-at-table payment processing. It will ensure that your customers are happy, while still providing EMV PCI compliant security.

Finding a payment processor that understands the business of golf courses and their unique needs regarding seasonal business and special requests is very important.  Look for payment processing companies that have the experience and capabilities to cater to the needs of golf courses and can help your business operations to run smoothly and profitably.  Do not always look for the cheapest price – seek the value that a skilled payment processor can add to enhance your business operations.

With seasonal packages, terminal rentals, and the flexibility payment processing programs, the right payment processor can become the ideal partner for your payment processing needs.


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