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3 Reasons Why A Virtual Terminal Is Ideal For Service Calls


3 reasons why a virtual terminal is ideal for service calls virtual terminal provides not only an efficient way to process credit card transactions on the road, but it also provides your service or in-field reps with a solution that removes paper invoices, reducing your bookkeeping and accounting time.

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Paper invoices are not only inconvenient for you and your business, it’s also inconvenient for your clients. Only providing your clients with an option to either pay over the phone, or physically being at the head office to pay their bill increases time for payment, and typically creates problems. One of the biggest issues being over due payments. When you cannot provide your clients with an option to pay as soon as the service is done, you risk having to chase down the client for payment. Thankfully though, with today’s rapidly advancing technology, you can get rid of those paper invoices.  If you have a smartphone, tablet or laptop you can use a virtual terminal solution for your daily payment processing needs. This will allow you to take payment at the time of the transaction rather than at a later date.

A virtual terminal is a web interface or mobile phone application  that is used for processing credit card transactions.  These transactions can take place over the phone or in person.  They replace a traditional credit card processing terminal and offer much greater flexibility than other out-dated methods.  Typically, virtual terminals will only require a smartphone or computer with an internet connection. That means you can take payments anywhere with a virtual terminal. 

What’s so great about using a virtual terminal?

1. No more paper invoices

      If you go out on a service call, you don’t have to bring your clipboard with paper invoices.  You can just bring your smartphone with the virtual terminal solution. Accepting payment as soon as services are rendered, keep your books organized. No waiting for payment, and chasing down clients for over due accounts.

2. Exportability

      Payment transactions can be exported from the virtual terminal online reports directly into many widely used accounting software programs.  This way, you don’t have to manually enter the data from your transactions and they are automatically tracked. This is a great way to keep track of services calls as well. When you know that you have 3 reps out in the field, you can track the transaction times and ensure that all calls were made and paid in full.

3. Multiple users

      This is great if you have more than one person out on a service call.  With multiple user access, your business can take multiple payments at the same time with a mobile virtual terminal. Ideal for businesses that may have been using multiple wireless terminals. This provides an easier faster way to accept payments, without the monthly equipment fees.


The traditional point of sale for a business is a checkout stand with a cash register. These days, with virtual terminals and smartphones, the point of sale can be anywhere.  This allows your business to reach more customers, avoid excessive paperwork, and basically do business anywhere on the planet.  By allowing your service reps to take payment at the time that services are rendered with a virtual terminal, your business will be able to drive more revenue, offer better service, and have the flexibility to compete in today’s fluid marketplace better than ever before.


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