Payment terminals

Do your payment terminals reflect your brand?

You take pride in your company. You meticulously choose the products you’ll display and sell. 

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You put great effort into delivering exceptional customer service, too.  

And from the space you rent to its décor, from your company logo to your website, you care how people see your brand. You want everything to look great and feel great.  

You hope that the care you put into your image brings customers back again and again. 

What you might not have considered is that your payment terminals might be damaging the way people see your company. 

Are you still using old-school payment terminals of the past? 

If you’re still using those clunky, old credit card machines of the past, your terminals might be doing more harm than good. It's not a big surprise. Most business owners put in effort to create a positive association with their brand throughout the buyer’s journey, but very few of them consider the way their terminals look, feel, and work.  

In fact, most business owners continue to use the same old terminals year after year. You know the ones I’m talking about – the big, grey machines with the keypads and the tiny screens.  

You update and upgrade just about everything else in your store, from the paint to the retail shelves, yet the terminal stays the same.  

Let’s be honest. The old thing looks archaic. And it might be making your brand feel archaic to the customers who use it, too.  

Today’s payment terminals are better looking than ever before 

For years, the clunky old-school terminals were the only credit card machines you could get. Sure, they varied a little bit from brand to brand, but they were more or less the same: 

They had the same look.  

The same style.  

They were the same size.  

The same colour 

And they all did the same thing. 

That’s why no one really paid attention to them. 

But the day has finally come where this isn’t true anymore. Business owners with cool, trendy, and fresh brands can finally get the payment terminals that reflect their image.  

The new smart terminals developed by Poynt, PAX, Clover, and others are revolutionizing what you thought you knew about payment tech. 

These smart terminals are sleek. They’re attractive. The screens are bigger. They’re lightweight instead of clunky. They come with full-colour touchscreens instead of keypads. Some even come in different colours, too.  

Business owners finally have choices! 

Payment tech has advanced, too 

Payment technology has evolved too (finally). Today’s credit card machines aren’t only better looking, but they’re also far more advanced thanks to smart payment tech 

They can do a heck of a lot more than just accept payments and print receipts. 

They can help you manage your business. 

Just like a smartphone, smart payment terminals come with a wealth of cool apps, from accounting integrations to drink recipes and marketing apps to employee management programs. A smart POS machine becomes your hub where you can track your business trends, customer analytics, employee shifts and tips, and so much more.  

These new devices are great for customers too. They’re more secure. They’re faster. They allow customers to pay with their preferred payment methods, including contactless and digital payments. And they enable customers to get printed or emailed receipts, too.  

Give some thought to what your terminals are saying about your brand 

You’ve probably never thought about it before. But now that you have more choices, it’s worth spending a few moments to consider exactly what your slow, outdated payment terminals are saying about your brand and the effect they might be having every time customers interact with them at the checkout.  

You might just realize it’s a good idea to update to newer, better payment tech. 


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